Nintendo Switch launch price revealed?

Laura Kate Dale discovers price of Nintendo’s next console.

Laura Kate Dale (Twitter) has been an excellent source for Nintendo Switch news and leaks since the system was revealed by Nintendo last month.  Her sources seem to be well connected and in-the-know in regards to the Switch.

For a while, Laura has said that the expected price for the basic console was going to retail at £200.  Today, her information was corroborated by GameSeek, a UK based game store.  The Switch page on GameSeek, displays the price for the console at exactly £198.50, which is about $246 US dollars.  This would seem to indicate that the base Switch console will likely cost $249.99 in the US when it launches.

Further confirming this expected price is the fact that GameSeek is allowing pre-orders on the Nintendo Switch with a price guarantee at £198.50!  Retailers would never take a loss on a new item like this, so it’s safe to assume that GameSeek is confident that the system will launch at this price.  Exciting!

I strongly encourage you to check out Laura Kate Dale’s twitter and give her a follow, as she is posting new information about the Switch almost daily.


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